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About Unit

The office of the Legal  Advisor was established in 1997 at UiTM Kampus Machang, Bukit Ilmu, Machang. It is located in the Administration Office at Level 2. It is managed by the Senior Law Lecturer. A Legal Advisor provides advice to the University  on legal issues, documents and decisions.

  1. To provide legal services of the highest quality to the University and Stakeholders.
  2. To act with efficiency and professionalism in giving advice pertaining any issues without fear or favour.
  3. To act, follow, implement and protect the rules of law for the interest of the law of the land.
  4. To assist the University and the Stakeholders in doing research or professional consultancy concerning legal matters by utilizing various resources and selecting the relevant materials and documents to analyse the legal information.
  5. To develop professional experience.
  6. To resolve various legal problems with extensive experience and skills.
  7. To assist in reviewing the legal materials and documents .