Career & Counseling Unit




About Unit

"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy". 

- #We Care, We Help @Cr IzzahRyzal

The philosophy of establishing this unit is based on the belief that every human being has certain natural abilities and potential that can be nurtured and channeled positively in order to make a significant contribution in developing oneself, society, race, religion and country. This career and counseling unit is a service to help individuals in the process of self-understanding, self-acceptance, making future plans and able to manage obstacles that interfere with themselves and the environment as well as guidance on how to solve problems faced. Therefore, this relationship process is based on psychological principles according to the code of counseling ethics that has been set which is the COUNSELOR ACT 1998 (Ethics of Confidentiality).
  1. Assist students in enhancing knowledge, skills and experience in selection, exploration and career development.
  2. Help improve graduate marketability and job placement.
  3. Provide professional and ethical counseling services to help students and staff achieve emotional, mental, spiritual and behavioral well-being
  4. Helps to improve the self-development and personality of students to be more authoritative, balanced, effective and productive
  1. Help students to understand themselves in their relationship with the social and psychological world of the university.
  2. Help students achieve the need to develop their own decision-making ability.
  3. Assist in consulting and referral services.
  4. Conduct psychological tests for the process of self-identification.
  5. Help students to always be highly motivated and strong in facing challenges.
  6. Assist students in developing existing potential in various fields ventured into.