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About Unit

UiTM Kelantan Cultural Unit manages services and infrastructures related to art performances inside and outside the campus. This unit also provides consultation and training on event management to various offices and departments in UiTM Kelantan, including the students. Many UiTM Kelantan alumni have successfully embarked on professional careers related to event management and performing arts through programs and training provided by UiTM Kelantan Cultural Unit.

  1. To provide art education (both theoretical and practical) to produce civilised human capital with good personality through cultural activities, primarily related to the Malay cultures.
  2. To sharpen the students’ thinking skills to become more dynamic, practical, and productive to fulfil the nation’s visions.
  3. To supply leadership training through participation in societies, clubs, and event organisations at the university level, State level, National and International level.
  4. To give exposure and support towards cultural and artistic development among UiTM students.
  5. To encourage students to experiment and modify the artistic techniques so that they can be creative.
  6. To educate on the importance of preservation and appreciation towards Malay cultures and arts which is aligned with Malaysia’s aspiration.