Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)


ü Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

This programme is designed for experienced business executives. Prior to offering its own program, UiTM has been offering the EMBA jointly with Ohio University since 1986 at its Shah Alam campus. The EMBA program has been carefully structured in order to ensure that all courses can be completed within two years even while the executive continues to handle his or her professional duties full-time. This is accomplished by offering courses on Saturdays and Sundays during the two years duration of the programme. An independent research project has to be completed during the second half of the programme.

This programme ensures that the participating executives are able to upgrade their managerial skills, broaden their perspectives and improve their opportunities for advancement into higher management. Essentially, this also benefits their organizations.

Programme Overview

Each intake of the EMBA is limited to about 25 students in order to facilitate meaningful discussions and to enable specially selected faculty members to pay individual attention to each student. One of the most important features of the programme is that it advocates student-centred and co-operative learning, where the participants interact with one another as a single group.


Students in the programme come from diverse academic backgrounds and have three or more years of full-time work experience. Small class numbers are maintained in order to facilitate peer-review, dialogue and bonding among the students. Students work together on case studies, experiential activities, and applied business research projects. All EMBA students are expected to acquire life-long learning skills and commit themselves to the process of continued personal and professional development.


The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of mid-career executives. It consists of four modules and a required business research. These modules are offered in sequence over a two-year period. Each module consists of three courses and is scheduled for a four – five month (16 – 18 weeks) period. The modules are to be taken one at a time.

Courses Offered

Courses offered cover full spectrum of business needs, including Organizational Behavior, Managerial Accounting, Human Resource Management, Economics Analysis, Managerial Finance, Marketing Management, Information Technology Management, Managerial Decision Analysis, Operation Management, International Business, Strategic Management, Global Business Issues, and Research Methodology. Besides that, students are required to complete an intensive team-consulting project, Research: Applied Business Research.

Entry Requirements

· Applicants must have a good Bachelor’s degree (Hons) or its equivalent;

· Other qualifications equivalent to an Honours degree (in a relevant field) with relevant experience in a related field recognised by the UiTM Senate;

· Candidates have to fulfill the following requirements in support of the application:

Submit a typewritten Autobiographical Essay of not more than 700 words, using Microsoft Word, on A4 size paper. The details are as follows:

- this essay is basically about yourself. It should tell us about you and essentially what the reader to know about yourself

· Submit reference letters from current or previous employer(s).

· Be proficient in written and spoken English.

· Attend an interview where an evaluation will be carried out using the case-based approach.

· A minimum of THREE years of working experience at the professional, management or technical level is highly considered.

Mode & Duration

Part-time: 4 – 10 semesters

ü Other Post-Graduate Programmes

UiTM Kelantan also accepts qualified candidates for Masters Degree as well as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in various fields, including Finance, Microfinance, Marketing, Management Information System, Accountancy, Law, Mathematics, Design, and other disciplines.

Kindly contact our Academic Office for further details at 09-7417775 / 7744 / 7749 or visit our websites at www.uitm.edy.my and www.ipsis.uitm.edu.my and http://fbm.uitm.edu.my


Courses Offered

1.  ACC720 - Managerial Accounting

2.  HRM730 - Human Resource Management

3.  MGT700 - Organizational Behavior

4.  ECO740  - Economics Analysis

5.  FIN745   - Managerial Finance

6.  MKT750  - Marketing Management

8.  MIS750   - Information Technology Management

9.  QMT760 - Forecasting

10. ABR795  - Applied Business Research

11. GBI795   - Global Business Issues

12. INB780  - International Business

13. MGT790 - Strategic Management

14. OPM770 - Operations Management