Research, Industrial Linkage, Community & Alumni


Research, Industry & Alumni Division was established on 01 January 2007 which started and operated as a small unit, Research Management Unit (RMU). Over the years It has been expanded as one of the main divisions of UiTM Kelantan Branch which provides various facilities to support academic development programs and activities such as research, writing, publishing, consulting and commercialization of lecturer's research products.

The main function of the PJIA Division is to manage matters relating to the management of research, writing, publishing, entrepreneurship, consulting, alumni, intellectual property protection and commercialization. The PJIA Division is also entrusted to assist academics in the field of writing by increasing the value-added of research results for publication in high-impact journals. Apart from that, the PJIA division also collaborates with government agencies, private organizations and communities to provide programs that can enhance graduates' marketability, generate research opportunities and provide community services to surrounding people.




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