Information Technology Unit or Infotech is one of the main units responsible for managing ICT facilities at Machang campus. Initially it was under the Administration Deparment, but since June 2009 this unit was placed under the Management of the Academic Affairs Division. Before it was known as  Unit Sistem Maklumat (USMT). Starting in 2014 until now, this unit is known as the Information Technology Unit (UTM) and is currently under the management of the Rector Office.

There are three main function under this unit such as :

  1. ICT Management
    1. ICT Planning
    2. ICT Procurement
    3. ICT Project
    4. Administrative
  2. ICT Services
    1. Email Management
    2. Computer Labs and Lecture Room
    3. Customer Services that includes
      1. Support User for ICT complaints
      2. Telesidang usage
  • Fingertec and multipurpose card ( staff and student card)
  1. Technical support UiTM event
  1. System Application development
  2. Web Hosting
  • Networking and ICT security
    1. Networking Operation and Maintenance
    2. ICT security
Data centre Management


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